Classics of Golf Celebrates Positive Reviews For Ted Bishop, Brandel Chamblee, Donald Ross & More


A Position Reviews Ted Bishop: Unfriended

The A Position responded favorably to Ted Bishop’s take in Unfriended on his dismissal from the PGA and comments on why Bishop is validated in his argument that it was more than simply gender insensitivity that lead to his departure:

“Bishop quite clearly shows that his entire career in golf was anything but gender insensitive, and the greater insensitivity in this case may well have been at the hands of those who showed him the door.”

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The Examiner Reviews Brandel Chamblee: The Anatomy of Greatness

The Examiner calls Anatomy “the best and clearest explanation of how to hit a golf ball ever published”  and goes in detail the painstaking research that went into the making of the book, including tracing the arch type swing all the way back to 20th century teacher Alex Morrison.

“The way Chamblee connects the great players to this great teacher is just one example of his ability to tell a story and construct an argument at the same time. For each of the elements of the swing, including the most sacred, fundamental of them all, the grip, he dispels myths with compelling research, and in the process makes a strong case for why young golfers today should not be copying the robot-like, stiff posture of such admired contemporary players as Adam Scott or Justin Rose.”

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Golf Club Atlas Offers Praise For The Life & Times Of Donald Ross
by Chris Buie

Ran Morrissett of Golf Club Atlas calls The Life and Times of Donald Ross a “masterpiece” citing the detail exhibited by author Chris Buie in transforming this legendary golf architect from icon to human being.

“Pinehurst native Chris Buie has done that which no author has achieved to date: humanize the quietly impressive Scottish immigrant. The highly principled Donald Ross comes to life on these pages to the point where even non-golf course architecture fans will become engrossed in this all-American success story. “

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