The Classics of Golf Library selections were culled from the entire universe of golf books and penned by the game’s most celebrated authors and personalities. As part of our mission to keep important golf literature in print and available to public, the Classics of Golf Library is offered to you at affordable prices and in high quality book construction. The entire 69-book Classics of Golf Library can be purchased as a complete set (69 books), sub-themed collection or individual books.
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The Basic Swing Golf (1968)
by Bobby Jones

The Walter Hagen Story (1956)
By Walter Hagen

The Methods of Golf's Masters (1975)
By Dick Aultman

The Greatest Game Of All 1969
By Jack Nicklaus

A History Of Golf (1955)
By Robert Browning

A History of Golf in Britain (1952)
By Bernard Darwin

An Introduction To The Literature Of
Golf (1996) By Herbert Warren Wind

Autobiography Of An Average Golfer
(1925) By O.B. Keller

Breaking 90 With Johnny Miller (1990)
By Johnny Miller

Down The Fairway (1927)
By Robert T. Jones, Jr., and O.B. Keller

F.G. Tait A Record (1900)
By J.L. Low

Following The Leaders (1991)
By Al Laney

Goldfinger (1959)
By Ian Fleming

Golf (1954)
By Bernard Darwin

Golf Architecture (1920)
By Alister MacKenzie

Golf Is My Game (1960)
By Bobby Jones

Golf A Royal and Ancient Game (1875)
By Robert Clark

Golfing by Paths (1946)
By Bernard Darwin

Golfing Memories And Methods (1933)
By Joyce Wethered

Great Golfers In The Making (1907)
By Henry Leach

Green Memories (1928)
By Bernard Darwin

Herbert Warren Winds Golf Book
(1948) By Herbert Warren Wind

Hints On The Game Of Golf (1886)
By Horace Hutchinson

How To Become a Scratch Golfer
(1963) By Patrick Campbell

How To Play Your Best Golf All
The Time (1953) By Tommy Armour

James Braid (1952)
By Bernard Darwin

Letters to the Secretary of a Golf Club
(1935) By George Nash

Mostly Golf a Bernard Darwin Anthology
(1976) By Peter Ryde

My Golfing Reminiscences (1907)
By Harold H. Hilton

On Learning Golf (1942)
By Percy Boomer

On The Tour With Harry Sprague (1960)
By Herbert Warren Wind

Out of the Rough (1932)
By Bernard Darwin

Out of the Rough (1934)
By Joseph T. Shaw

Playing The Like (1934)
By Bernard Darwin

Reminiscences Of Golf On St. Andrews
(1887) By James Balfour

Scotlands Gift Of Golf (1928)
By Charles B. Macdonald

Scottish Golf & Golfers (1992)
By S.L. McKinlay

Shape Your Swing The Modern Way
(1976) By Byron Nelson with Larry Dennis

Swinging Into Golf (1941)
By Ernest Jones and Innis Brown

The American Golfer (1964)
By Charles Price

The Architectural Side of Golf (1929)
By H.N. Wethered and T. Simpson

The Art of Golf (1887)
By Walter G. Simpson

The Badminton Library (1890)
By Horace Gordon Hutchinson

The Bogey Man (1968)
By George Plimpton

The Clicking of Cuthbert (1922)
By P. G. Wodehouse

The Complete Golfer (1954)
By Herbert Warren Wind

The Darwin Sketchbook (1991)
By Bernard Darwin

The Dogged Victims Of Inexorable Fate
(1970) By Dan Jenkins

The Duffers Handbook (1926)
Grantland Rice and Clare Briggs

The Game of Golf (1896)
Willie Park, Jr

The Games Afoot (1926)
By Bernard Darwin

The Great Women Golfers (1994) By
Robert S. Macdonald & Herbert Warren Wind

The Happy Golfer (1997)
Bernard Darwin

The Lay Of The Land (1990)
By Pat Ward-Thomas

The Life Of Tom Morris (1908)
W. W. Tulloch

The Links (1926)
Robert Hunter

The Mystery of Golf (1908)
Arnold Haultain

The Perfect Golfer (1931)
By H.N. Wethered

The Story Of American Golf (1954)
(1956) (1975) By Herbert Warren Wind

The US Open: Golf's Ultimate Challenge
(1987) By Robert Sommers

The Venturi Analysis (1981)
By Ken Venturi

The World That Fred Made (1955)
By Bernard Darwin

Thirty Years Of Championship Golf
(1950) By Gene Sarazan

Three By Darwin (1902)
By Robert S. Macdonald

Vardon On Golf (1989)
By Herbert Warren Wind


The wonderfully insightful Forewords and Afterwords essays included in the Classics of Golf printing are unique to our offering. Classics of Golf co-founders, Herbert Warren Wind and Robert S. Macdonald, worked with many of golf’s most influential names to provide this one-of-a-kind perspective.

In fact, 37 of the essays included in inaugural Classics of Golf printings (1983 – 1995) have been presented in one book “An Introduction to Golf Literature”. Some of the unique authors of the Classics of Golf’s Forewords and Afterwords include:
Alister Cooke
Archie Baird
Arnold Palmer
Ben Crenshaw
Bernard Darwin
Bill Coore
Bill Scheft
Bing Crosby
Carol McCue
Charles R. Yates
Dave Anderson
Dave Marr
Desmond Briggs
Donald Steele
Ed Sneed
Francis M. Bird
Frank Hannigan
Geore Bush
George H. Bostick, Jr.
George Plimpton
Gitty Wind Scheft
Henry Longhurst
Herbert Warren Wind
Ian Dunlop
Jack Nicklaus
Jim Murray
John E. Behrend
John Hopkins
John Updike
K.M Cameron
Lewis A. Lapham
Michael M. Thomas
Peggy Kirk Bell
Peter Ryde
Peter Tompson
Richard Taylor
Robert Cahill, Jr.
Robert Cromie
Robert Green
Robert S. Macdonald
Robert Tyre Jones, Jr.
Ross Goodner
S. L. McKinlay
Sidney Kahn
Sir George Cunningham
Sir Peter Allen
Tom Watson
Wally Armstrong
William C. Campbell
William Gifford