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Continuing the innovative path set forth by Herbert Warren Wind and Robert S. Macdonald in 1983, Classics of Golf publisher, Michael P. Beckerich, proudly announces that Classics of Golf has launched a series of e-books.  Dan Jenkins’ “The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate,” widely considered to be one of the best golf books ever published, is the first e-book to be released by Classics of Golf and will be priced at $6.99.  The E-book version includes the special Foreword by Herbert Warren Wind and Afterword by Dave Marr.

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The next two E-books in production for summer release from Classics of Golf are “Vardon On Golf” (click here) and “The Greatest Player That Never Lived” (click here).

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Golf Digest’s Hall of Fame writer Jaime Diaz proudly spoke of Dan Jenkins and his book Dogged Victims:

What makes Jenkins Jenkins?

The simple answer is that he has more talentthan the other guys, just like Hogan and Nicklaus and Woods. He possesses genius humor for which there is no explanation.

But in his golf writing especially, Dan’s humor is always founded in truth and knowledge, and he knows the heart of the matter like nobody else. As he said in the Golf Digest Interview in 2001, “I just take pride in being right.”

I think Dan has been most right on those rare occasions when he has chosen not to be funny. My favorite example is the last paragraph in The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate, when he captured exactly what makes Arnold Palmer special: “This is true, I think. He IS the most immeasurable of all golf champions. But this is not entirely true because of all that he has won, or because of that mysterious fury with which he has managed to rally himself. It is partly because of the nobility he has brought to losing. And more than anything, it is true because of the pure, unmixed joy he has brought to trying.

“He has been, after all, the doggedest victim of us all.”

I wonder how thrilling it must have been to write those words, to finish the greatest golf book ever with the greatest kicker. In an earlier chapter in that book, called The Glory Game, Dan writes hilariously about one of the golf partners of his youth, an idiot savant named Moron Tom. Among other things, when Moron Tom hit a good shot, he would confirm it by saying “Cod Ee-rack Fockle-dim,” the pronunciation of Cod Yrac Ffocelddim, which was Doc Cary Middlecoff spelled backward.”

Classics of Golf is honored to be the publisher of Dan Jenkins’ The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate and know you will find it one of best golf books you’ll ever read.
Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate can be ordered at www.classicsofgolf.com for both the hardcover edition and the eBook, or you can call 1-800-483-6449. The eBook is also available direct from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.

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