By Michael Schaefer.

He has collected golf stamps for over 25 years and played 120 different courses during 20 golf pilgrimages to the British Isles. Schaefer put together a unique addition to golf literature that looks at the game in the smallest of all art forms, the postage stamp.

From over a thousand golf stamps around the world, Schaefer has reproduced 35 stamps depicting actual golf holes and combined them into an eclectic golf course. Another 17 stamps in the book represent golfers in a philatelic Hall of Fame.

The copy is informative and chock full of great facts (even for those who think they have seen it all) about these great golf course holes and personalities. The author states that , “In addition to its glue, there is a story behind every stamp.”

We thought friends of Classics of Golf would enjoy his book — “A Small Display of Golf Courses”, which was published in 2006.

The hard cover 6″x8″ books we have for you are all numbered and signed by the author, and are available for only $20.00.

Some notable quotes on the book:

Jack Whitaker, host of Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf —

“This charming book combines two of life’s great pastimes into one marvelous golf journey that made me think of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a serious stamp collector and, before stricken with polio, and ardent golfer…how he would have loved this book, as I know you will too.”

James W. Finegan, author of “Where Golf is Great” —

“Delightfully informative in its own special way and nonstop fun, Mike Schaefer’s clever linkage of stamps and golf holes (both from around the world) is the gift book for the golfer who has everything.”

John Capers, from the International Philatelic Golf Society —

“For a golfer and a stamp collector, this book is absolutely enchanting.”