An Introduction to the Literature of Golf by Herbert Warren Wind (1996)
A compilation of thirty-seven essays describing and introducing the masterpieces of golf literature as published in the inaugural COG series of books. STANDARD PRICE: $35

Herbert Warren Wind’s Golf Book by Herbert Warren Wind (1948)
A stirring collection of magazine articles and excerpts assembled only the way Herbert Warren Wind can. Wind offers his thoughts on Hogan, Snead, Venturi and Darwin, among others. Wind’s finest essays were written for the New Yorker Magazine, which gave him all the space he needed. They inspired thousands of golfers and set the standards for the golf writers that followed. This collection contains some of his most famous pieces on the great players, tournaments, golf architecture, turning points in the history of the game, and unusual aspects of golf that no one else bothered to write about. Foreword by Bing Crosby.

On The Tour With Harry Sprague by Herbert Warren Wind (1960)
Wind’s sense of humor and flair for fiction is on display, creating Harry, the hapless professional, a most irritating, yet endearing character. Foreword by Gitty Wind Scheft, Wind’s sister.

The Complete Golfer edited by Herbert Warren Wind (1954)
Sampling the best golf literature, these sections written by one of the great writers of the game cover every aspect of golf through history, biography, architecture and short stories.

The Greatest Game of All, My Life in Golf by Jack Nicklaus with Herbert Warren Wind (1969)
Written when Nicklaus, at age 28, was already the greatest golfer in the world, it provides insight into his upbringing and how he pursued his golfing goals.

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The Story of American Golf by Herbert Warren Wind (1954, 1956, 1975)
Wind’s masterpiece and one of the great books in the literature of golf; an invaluable resource for
the modern golf historian. Afterword by Robert S. Macdonald.