Wall Street Journal: Brandel Chamblee Takes On Establishment

Add the Wall Street Journal to the growing list of media outlets praising Classics of Golf‘s latest release, Brandel Chamblee’s Anatomy of Greatness. Earlier this week, the media juggernaut shared its thoughts on Brandel challenging the “modern golf swing establishment.”


“In a nutshell, Chamblee contends that the orthodox compact modern swing robs golfers of power and leads to injuries that shorten careers. By contrast, the swings of all-time greats like Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, Sam Snead and Jack Nicklaus were longer, more naturally rhythmic and more enduring.”

Author John Paul Newport is also quick to point out Brandel’s disdain for the modern instructor whom he labels as “plastic surgeons, trying to make everybody the same” and whose methods only work for golf pros and not the everyday player.

“When you resist with the lower body like that, as most of the players out here do now, it requires a lot of strength,” Chamblee is quoted in the article. “That’s one of the reasons they have to go to the gym. And it’s reasonable to conclude that that violent change of direction puts more stress on the lower part of your back, which can lead to injuries in the long term. I would argue that if Tiger had lifted his left heel, his swing would have endured.”

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